ZFS to be rebased on ZoL

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    The sources for FreeBSD's ZFS support are currently taken directly
    from Illumos with local ifdefs to support the peculiarities of FreeBSD
    where the Solaris Portability Layer (SPL) shims fall short. FreeBSD
    has regularly pulled changes from Illumos and tried to push back any
    bug fixes and new features done in the context of FreeBSD. In the past
    few years the vast majority of new development in ZFS has taken place
    in DelphixOS and zfsonlinux (ZoL). Earlier this year Delphix announced
    that they will be moving to ZoL
    https://www.delphix.com/blog/kickoff-future-eko-2018 This shift means
    that there will be little to no net new development of Illumos. While
    working through the git history of ZoL I have also discovered that
    many races and locking bugs have been fixed in ZoL and never made it
    back to Illumos and thus FreeBSD. This state of affairs has led to a
    general agreement among the stakeholders that I have spoken to that it
    makes sense to rebase FreeBSD's ZFS on ZoL. Brian Behlendorf
    has graciously encouraged me to add FreeBSD support directly to ZoL
    https://github.com/zfsonfreebsd/ZoF so that we might all have a single
    shared code base.

    A port for ZoF can be found at https://github.com/miwi-fbsd/zof-port
    Before it can be committed some additional functionality needs to be
    added to the FreeBSD opencrypto framework. These can be found at

    This port will provide FreeBSD users with multi modifier protection,
    project quotas, encrypted datasets, allocation classes, vectorized
    raidz, vectorized checksums, and various command line improvements.

    Before ZoF can be merged back in to ZoL several steps need to be taken:

    • Integrate FreeBSD support into ZoL CI
    • Have most of the ZFS test suite passing
    • Complete additional QA testing at iX

    We at iX Systems need to port ZoL's EC2 CI scripts to work with
    FreeBSD and make sure that most of the ZFS Test Suite (ZTS) passes.
    Being integrated in to their CI will mean that, among other things,
    most integration issues will be caught before a PR is merged upstream
    rather than many months later when it is MFVed into FreeBSD. I’m
    hoping to submit the PR to ZoL some time in January.

    This port will make it easy for end users on a range of releases to
    run the latest version of ZFS. Nonetheless, transitioning away from an
    Illumos based ZFS is not likely to be entirely seamless. The
    stakeholders I’ve spoken to all agree that this is the best path
    forward but some degree of effort needs to be made to accommodate
    downstream consumers. The current plan is to import ZoF and unhook the
    older Illumos based sources from the build on April 15th or two months
    after iX systems QA deems ZoF stable - which ever comes later. The
    Illumos based sources will be removed some time later - but well
    before 13. This will give users a 3 month period during which both the
    port and legacy Illumos based ZFS will be available to users. Pools
    should interoperate between ZoF and legacy provided the user does not
    enable any features available only in ZoF. We will try to accommodate
    any downstream consumers in the event that they need that date pushed
    back. We ask that any downstream consumers who are particularly
    sensitive to changes start testing the port when it is formally
    announced and report back any issues they have. I will do my best to
    ensure that this message is communicated to all those who it may
    concern. However, I can’t ensure that everyone reads these lists. That
    is the responsibility of -CURRENT users.

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