Caching youtube videos using squid and videocache

  • I just bumped in to this  and being trying to get it working for couple days. The admin at the videocache has being really helpful and we have been 'getting there' but its still not working.

    Maybe someone with better knowledge on how pfsense is built could help us out? This package would be really helpful for me but probably also for many others.

    So the problem now is that videocache detects the videos ok, caches the videos ok, and tries to serve them (log says it is serving them) but nothing comes to the clients. Only the "we're sorry this video is unavailable" comes up. So the cache serving is somehow b0rked.


    Finally got this working. I will probably write somekind of an guide but im too busy at the moment. For those eager to try this out I will give you a few pointers:

    1. Read the how to and the forum thread about it. Basicly you can sort it out with them
    2. you need to install Apache2. Yes it eats some resources and yes it is kind of downside on a firewall.
    3. you need to use https for webgui.

    Other than that I see no more downsides. Speed is awesome (=lan-speed) for cached videos.