pfSense connected to two Cisco Switch: correct ?

  • Hi guys,

    First of all, sorry for my english cause I'm french haha. So, basically, I'm doing this on GNS3 :

    alt text

    As u can see, my pfSense is a Router-on-a-Stick for the VLANs inter-routing, and I want to have redundance so I want to connect him to my two Cisco Switch. The etherchannel config is Okay, but I have an issue cause my two interfaces (LAN01 & LAN02) must have the same IP address for routing VLANs...

    So, how can I set up the same IP address on two LAN interfaces ? I heard about Virtual IP, IP alias... but can I use this here ? Am I right for this topology ?

    I'm just a beginner who try some stuff haha, so please be kind :)

    Thank's in advance guys !

  • Hello,

    i think you have to redesign your setting.
    You should have cs-01 and cs-02 in a stack and configure a lag or at least have vrrp between cs-01 and cs-02 and use them as default gateway.

    And if you want a high availability environment please use pfsense in a carp cluster.

  • Thank's !

    So, there is no way to do this kind of topology ? I must do a cluster of pfSense and enable VRRP between CS-01 & CS-02 ? :(

  • Well, you can add another switch between pfSense and the other switches....

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