WOL via Script and Cronjob not working

  • Hello to all,

    i've a little problem.
    I want to wakeup a pc on my lan periodically via wol.
    If i do a wol from the pfsense webui everything is working perfect,
    if i do the same from the commandline via wol the system
    is not starting at all (i tried all the given options).
    So where is the difference between these two possibilities
    and does anyone has an idea how to solve my problem ?
    When i'm doing a wol from one of the pc inside my network
    (no difference if windows or linux) it is working.

    Many thanks in advance for all answers or hints.

  • Ok, i'm one step further after setting up a static arp entry for the pc my script runs well
    from commandline….but unfortunately not by a cronjob.
    Any ideas so far ?

    Many thanks in advance.

  • chmod 744 your script file

  • i already did a chmod 777.

    Nevertheless thanks for reading my post.