A few notes on package problems after updating and FreeSWITCH in particular

  • Hi,

    I have several times seen packages not starting ok after reinstall (upgrade) of packages.

    For example, my squid, lightsquid lost a few days of logs when I upgraded recently (or perhaps it was lightsquid..) last time. Nothing specific is seen in in the GUI but if one visits the stat pages it's clear something hasn't been collecting and/or updating.

    I tested reinstalling some GUI and pressed 'save' in lightsquid config (although nothing was added/changed) and after a while (and rescanning data) it was working ok again.

    I have seen similar issues concerning some other package earlier (and especially this behavior of having to 're-save' stuff already entered in config) in other packages, but have so far been able to get all packages to start again (except for my recent problem with FreeSWITCH - see belo).

    Known issues somehow?

    Relating to this, at least in the sense that the problem appeared after the recent updates, is my FreeSWITCH install.

    My FreeSWITCH install was not finished earlier, but enough was configured so that I was able to start the service just fine and I was able to register a Linux soft phone successfully in FreeSWITCH. Then all of a sudden after the two latest upgrades of the package I cannot even start FreeSWITCH anymore. I cannot identify the reason for this.

    The service is stopped and cannot be restarted, I have tried to reinstall GUI stuff and reinstall all package, nothing helps. It feels a bit strange since the exact same config was able to start earlier!

    Anyone has any ideas?


  • I have created a new build for which fixes the startup problem on pfSense 1.2.1 and 1.2.2. It appears that on another thread you have confirmed that it is working.

  • Ahh, yes, I, didn't see this one at first. That is correct, it is indeed running. Now I have to fix my config so I can do more things than just register… :)

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