Update is available notification via syslog

  • I am wondering if there is any log message that is generated when pfSense shows an update is available? I don't review the pfSense console all that often, but if I had that as a syslog message sent to my SIEM, I could alert on that and react more quickly. Any ideas?

  • Console ?

    Would about pointing a browser so now and then to ? It will show the presence of an update.
    In the good all days, I even received a mail from pfsense.com.
    These days, I just watch this forum (and reddit, and github and youtube::netgate) and believe me, you will know when it's coming.
    Looking every day at the (remote) syslog ? NO way ... to boring.

    What about this one https://forum.netgate.com/topic/138910/how-to-configure-e-mail-notificatons ?

    And even if you miss an upgrade for several days, even weeks : don't worry.
    Just respect this rule (among others) : before updating packages, check the main pfSense version first.
    In case of doubt, check the forum and blog posts.

  • Very good idea. I "catch" a lot of things into Splunk from pfSense and the most critical things are then "routed" to slack. For sure this helps me get the most important notifications I need immediately and it get's the right attention.

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