No internet on third interface.

  • hey guys, so i have pfsense with 3 interfaces.
    wan, lan ( internal network), opt1
    i have internet and can ping and what not (after i apllied the rules) on the lan interface, but when i connect to the opt1 i cant do nothing,
    using virtualbox as a test lab. so i have 3 diferent virtual machines running, 1 for pfsense, 1 for connecting to the internal network , and 1 for connecting to the otp.

    edit: right now i have 2 general rules that i applied to try testing the otp.
    one for icmp ( any - any)
    and one for ipv4 general, any port , from opt net to any

    edit edit: i know i need dns and 443, right now i'm just trying to ping and nothing happens.

    also i cant ping the gateway of the otp!?!? what

  • Check if there is an outbound NAT rule in place for the OPT net.
    Firewall > NAT > Outbound

    @storms said in No internet on third interface.:

    also i cant ping the gateway of the otp!?!? what

    The OPT interface?

  • @viragomann yes i do have the nat rules set up, automatecly for wlan lan and opt, also yes, from the machine connected to the opt, i cant ping his pfsense gateway side ( so my machine is on the opt network ( , the gateway naturally is ( my machine gets the ip ( and i cant ping it.

  • Maybe it helps to flush the ARP cache on both devices.

  • ok, the arp reset didnt work, i changed the OPT netowork ip to instead of and it started working! so i think its because of the network range of my lan ( lol my bad) but now when i ping i only get duplicate packages....

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