Faster when double nating

  • First some quick background. I have pfsense installed on a standalone box with a quad core i7, 16gigs mem, quad intel nic, and a 256gig ssd drive.

    I just did a fresh install and i get 950meg down 950meg up over my att connection (cpu was only at 4%). It is currently set to get a dhcp ip from the att router and do double nating. My internal network is 192.168 and the att router gives out a 172.16 address.

    When i set the att router to make my pfsense box as dmz and give it the live wan ip.. throughput goes down to 30megs each way.

    You would think that it would be slower when double nating, but it is the complete opposite.

    Any ideas on what to look at? I have not enabled any packages or made any custom rules yet.


    UPDATE:.. looks like it an issue with the ATT hardware.

  • You'll want the isp's modem/ONT in bridge mode... not DMZ mode

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