PPoE Question (strange results)

  • I switched over to my PPoE connection today and thought it worked first time but am not so sure now.

    I checked the dashboard and it said the WAN gateway was up and showed an IP address of x.x.163.254. Great I thought. I then proceeded to set up the Dynamic DNS and entered the DynDNS(dynamic) stuff and it was giving me the wrong IP all the time and was showing green at x.x.162.75.

    Everything still appeared to be working and I did have internet access but the IP on the GW was strange. I then used MyIP.com and it confirmed my IP as x.x.162.75.

    On the dashboard the Dynamic DNS shows x.x.162.75, the WAN interface shows x.x.162.75 but the gateway box still shows x.x.163.254.

    Anyone got an idea of what is going on? Is the GW address what pfSense is pinging to see if it is up or something? Obviously my PPoE connection is working because I have internet access but am curious.

  • Netgate Administrator

    That looks like the expected result. The gateway IP is whatever is upstream from you at the ISP. The interface IP is your local address that external sites see to reply to.


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