Building my own router?

  • Am i crazy to think that i could get an SSD and a normal computer with 8 gigs of ram.. make a bootable usb and just create a heavy duty router. would i need to get PCI internal nics so i could have 2 nics. (wan and LAN). and just for testing tomorrow i think i wanted to build it and test it out with just usb to gigabit ethernet adapters.. any advice on doing this would be appreciated..

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    usb to ethernet adapters would be a horrible choice.. Get some normal nics for your box.. Yes 2 would be better, but you can do a router with just 1 nic if you use vlans for your different networks (wan, lan)..

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    Yes, do not use USB NICs unless you really have no other choice or you like pain!

    Multiport PCIe NICs are cheap or just use multiple single port NICs if you have spare slots for even less.

    8 port VLAN capable switches are also pretty cheap these days with the fun of playing with VLANs if you haven't done so previously.


  • i have a small form dell i want to use but i can only find the larger pci nics online.. i can not seem to search properly to find what im looking for .

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    so you need a half card? Or low profile? What is the exact make and model number of this dell box? and we can take a look to what you could put in it if anything.

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