Chromecast with a sound bar?

  • I have a chromecast coming via the post office soon and was considering how I would wire it to a sound bar. The speakers of the drove television are terrible. The sound bar has 3 information sources and one is an av contribution with the red and white data sources. Is there any link that will have a HDMI female association with a Male HDMI in addition to AV connector? If not, is there any way I can wire the chromecast to the reciever associated with the encompass sound? I know there is ways utilizing a case with a few contribution in addition to sound yields however I am hoping to spend under $20 (The less expensive the better) as those containers are normally $50-$200. A debt of gratitude is in order for any data about this

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    What soundbar did you get? Normally you would route your hdmi connection through the soundbar via the hdmi connection.. So your chromecast would connect to the soundbar, then from the soundbar to your TV via hdmi.

    Or you could use arc from the TV to the soundbar via hdmi.. Or you would run the connections from the TV to the soundbar via toslink (optical) etc. etc..

    While this is not really the best forum for this sort of help, you are in the general discussion area and you welcome to try and get some help..
    Please post up your make and model of your TV, and the new soundbar you purchased. And we should be able to figure out best way to connect them...

  • Thanks you very much for your Reply Mr.johnpoz. Fixed my Problem

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    What fixed it? So you connected it how exactly?

    While it is for sure not normal pfsense forum topic - you should complete the thread with what exactly you did to correct your "problem" so that the next guy reading this or searching for it for the same sort of problem isn't left hanging.

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