Different subnets on one interface for Internet

  • Hi all,

    I have set up a PfSense 2.4.4 with a nic for WAN and another for LAN (
    Until now, everything worked fine, because all my network assets were with IP like
    Today I have to add new assets that are connected to my network with VPN.
    Created a new gateway with the router's IP address This router communicates with other ones. For example, the router's IP address on another site is
    So in PFSense I created :

    • a gateway ( on nic LAN
    • a static route to via gateway
    • I checked the option for bypassing firewall rules on same interface

    As a result, for a computer on the site with IP address (obtained via Windows server DHCP), I can ping every router (, and I can ping PFSense's IP I can also access network shares or web applications.
    But I can't go on the Internet.
    Moreover, the network is not considered as a domain one (but a public one)
    What do I forget to make it work ? NAT ? FW rule(s) ?

    Thank you for all your replies !

  • You should not have a Gateway on your LAN interface.

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