Wordpress updates behind pfsense

  • Hi all need a little help here

    i go with the setup then the problem

    ok i have a pfsense 2.4.4-RELEASE-p1 firewall which is a watchguard xcs 170

    i have a server with docker running my websites with traefik as the reverse proxy

    ok my problem is i can not update or access the plugin page of my wordpress pages


    i can access the webpage directly which is wordpress.org from my pc so the firewall is not blocking it through the browser

    before i updated to the newest wordpress it worked.

    i did get it to work but i cant remeber what i did and when i rebooted the firewall it stopped working

    i added the web address and ip to the dns resolver

    i have removed all security like snort, seruita etc just to make sure it is not being blocked

    i added it he website and address to the hosts file on the docker spin up

    but for the love of me it not connecting to wordpress.org

  • Netgate Administrator

    Why have you added those host overrides? Resolving them directly seems like a much better plan, the single hosts you have chosen there could be down for example.

    Check the server logs though it should tell you what the error is.

    It seems unlikely to be anything to do with the firewall unless you;re using it for DNS and those overrides are breaking something.


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