stunnel question

  • Hello.

    Are these the latest settings?

    WAN-IP should in most cases be your static wan ip address, but lan ip works as well.
    cert = /usr/local/etc/stunnel/stunnel.pem
    chroot = /var/tmp/stunnel
    setuid = stunnel
    setgid = stunnel
    key = /usr/local/etc/stunnel/f8ea8f75.key
    cert = /usr/local/etc/stunnel/f8ea8f75.chain
    local = your-WAN-IP
    accept = your-WAN-IP:443
    connect = your-WAN-IP:1194
    TIMEOUTclose = 0
    --OpenVPN server must be be set for TCP and not UDP.

    I also try to configure OpenVPN Client with STunnel Package.

    1. First, I have to use OpenVPN Client TCP, right?
    2. Then under Services => STunnel these settings?
    • Description [STunnel]
    • Client Mode [YES]
    • Listen on IP []
    • Listen on Port [443]
    • Redirects to IP []
    • Redirects to Port [1142]
    • Outgoing Source IP [?]

    Are these settings correct?
    3. I use load balancing with 4 x How do I have to configure it for load balancing?



  • I have now configured OpenVPN Client and stunnel from AirVPN.

    browse "VPN: OpenVPN: Client"
    Protocol: TCP
    Interface: Localhost
    Server host or address:
    Server port: 995
           route Server_IP net_gateway

    And with this stunnel configuration:


    I'm trying to configure load balancing now with exactly 4 same openvpn clients.

    My problem: the openvpn clients allways crash.
    I get an error Message:

    /rc.newwanip: The command '/usr/local/sbin/unbound -c /var/unbound/unbound.conf' returned exit code '1', the output was '[1547574979] unbound[12781:0] error: can't bind socket: Address already in use for port 953 [1547574979] unbound[12781:0] error: cannot open control interface 953 [1547574979] unbound[12781:0] fatal error: could not open ports'

    Can someone help me?

    best regards


  • Who wrote the stunnel package?

    Why is only ip accepted and not other IPs in "Listen on IP" field?

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