FreeRADIUS3: Starting up too late for IPSEC?

  • Hi all,

    I'm currently running pfsense with the FreeRADIUS3 package and the IPSEC Mobile VPN authenticates against it. Everything is running fine as long as the firewall is not rebooted.
    After a reboot the logs show the error message "loading EAP_RADIUS method failed" and VPN authentication fails. Only after stopping and starting the IPSEC service it works again. While this is not a huge problem for updates of pfsense (as long as I remember to restart IPSEC) it is a total nightmare after a power outage. Pfsense will shut down gracefully thanks to the UPS, but after restart no more VPN connections. Of course this will only happen while I'm on the road...

    From what I've read I gathered that FreeRADIUS is not started via the rc system but the packages are started separately. Is there any way to force pfsense to load FreeRADIUS before IPSEC or will I have to run a separate server for FreeRADIUS and force the load order by booting the pfsense VM after the RADIUS VM?