AMD CPUs decent performance for firewall?

  • In the past, I've seen recommended to stay away from AMD for pfSense because of packet filtering being latency sensitive and the "high throughput" design of the prior gen AMDs traded latency for peak throughput.

    I haven't seen any updates as to how the Ryzen arch CPUs perform for pfSense. I'm getting interested because I'm hoping to start building up a 10Gb network in the next 3 years and CPU archs don't change much. I want to keep my options open.

  • @harvy66 ryzern is leaps better than the failed design that was the construction series. The biggest issue is hardware support under BSD. There's not many server boards around for ryzen as AMD has positioned ryzen for the desktop. EPYC and threadripper are the cpus that support server boards. if you build a ryzen system do not use the onboard nic if it is anything other than intel or broadcom. those other winnics will cause issues with pfsense down the road..if not immediately.

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