Sonos Issues [Solved]

  • Hi,

    I have just set a new PfSense router and it just has a DHCP server with WAN and LAN. Everything is working great with stock settings. However, I am having problems with my Sonos system. I, before, PfSense for years never had any issue. I can connect Sonos to my LAN and play music from my NAS in my LAN. My Sonos system is linked with Spotify, Tidal, and Soundcloud and I can when I search musics find the songs titles and information. However, I just cannot play them nor search for an update and always get a 1002 error. I believe the problems are because of the PfSense firewall. How can I fix it? Do you have any idea?


  • Netgate Administrator

    You have just one internal subnet? And other clients there can reach internet hosts?

    The 1002 error appears to be some kind of timeout so it's probably either a DNS failure or the remote servers failing to respond. If other LAN clients can hit internet hosts correctly how in the Sonos configured differently?


  • @stephenw10 Hi Stephen,

    Thanks a lot for your answer. I actually tried many things but nothing worked. Yes, I have only one subnet. However, I just tried now and it appears it works without me having to do nothing. I am very surprised. I think Sonos had some issues with their servers as every traffic like update and so on are transferred to their servers. I don't really know exactly what happened or why but without anything done it works.

    Thanks again for your answer and help,
    I will mark if I find the option this post as "Solved"

    Edit: I can't seem to find any option. Is it possible for you as you are an admin to make it as Solved? Thanks again,

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    Done. 👍

  • Alright so if I have multiple subnets, how will it affect my connection? Shouldn't my device just connect to the ip of the router?

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