Atom C3558 integrated NIC, no traffic shaping

  • Can we expect the NICs built in the Atom C3558 (Supermicro A2SDi-4C-HLN4F) to have the traffic shapping feature enabled ? Since this SoC powers the Netgate SG-5100, I would find it weird that pfSense is missing a feature on it. If I understood correctly, this is just a matter of the Intel driver correctly working and being imported from freeBSD to pfSense.

    Or do you know an alternative to ALTQ traffic shapping on pfSense (more precisely to prevent bufferbloat) ?

  • @kriegalex See my config here that will work on your platform and perform a bit better, with regard to limiting bufferbloat and keeping latencies low, than FairQ+CoDel using ALTQ.

    Here is a quick comparison I did between FQ-CoDel using limiters and FairQ+CoDel using ALTQ:

    The ix driver is still not stable when ALTQ support is enabled.

  • I just realized I didn't properly delete the old ALTQ limiters (from my now removed Intel Pro card), so pfSense kept complaining I could not use limiters, but actually it was just complaining about the specific ALTQ part.

    I deleted them and now I can add limiters without using ALTQ. I will try your settings, thanks !

    Are your settings tightly bound to a 100/100 connection ? I have 60/20, will see what I can manage by playing around.

    P.S. : I may have used this ALTQ thing not working as an excuse to buy a X550-T2 card, will see where I go with this... 😀

  • @kriegalex The settings in the guide are not tuned and are the defaults for FQ-CoDel - They should work OK for just about any circuit up to 10 gigs. I have an update I posted at the bottom of the guide that is meant to tune for smaller packet flows as well as flow separation well above 1024 concurrent flows.

  • @uptownVagrant I've been able using the settings at the bottom to reach an A+ on dslreports. Thank you very much.

  • Yes, thanks for the info @uptownVagrant ! Using the settings I also get A+ across the board too.

    I wonder though, even after downloading 10GB of stuff, the floating match firewall rules only report 122KB in and 4.01MB out traffic/states.
    What does that mean? Why doesn't it show 10GB?

    The pfsense LAN 'Default allow LAN to any rule' does report the expected 10GB in...!?