Link Connection Dies on Boot When WAN is being Configured

  • The lights on the ethernet port blink when I first turn on the pfsense box, however, when pfsense gets to the WAN Configuration part of the boot, the lights turn off, and I can not assign the WAN interface, any ideas on what I can do to get these lights blinking after the WAN Configuration? =]

  • ok, here is some more details and a better description...

    When the pfsense box is off, both ethernet ports have green lights with blinking yellow lights...

    When I turn on the pfsense box, the WAN interface/ethernet port, which is the cable leading to my cable modem, lights turn off. The LAN interface/ethernet port, which is a cable leading to my proxmox machine, lights stay on...

    Right after the pfsense box configures the loopback interface during boot, the green lights on both ethernet ports are on, however, right after the WAN interface is configured during boot, the WAN ethernet port lights turn off...

    I really dont know what is going on here, ive ran pfsense boxes in the past with no problems, any help at all is greatly appreciated.

  • putting a switch between the cable modem and the pfsense box fixed the issue for some reason... =]

  • Netgate Administrator

    Hmm, failing to negotiate a link with the modem?

    What does the switch show the link as to each device?

    You could try setting a fixed link speed/duplex on the WAN if you want to removed the switch.


  • Thank you for yourreply =] how would i go about doing that?

  • Netgate Administrator

    You can set the link speed/duplex in the main interfaces settings, Interfaces > WAN here.

    Be aware that it may not link at all with that set so be ready to revert any changes you're testing there. Usually you would only ever set that if the modem side was also fixed but in some rare circumstances it can work.


  • Gracias, Ill give it a try =]

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