IMspector also not starting after upgrade

  • Now also IMspector doesn't start after upgrade (to 0.8-6).

    One thing that I do not like so far is the trouble percentage when adding/installing/reinstalling packages. Also after every reboot I have to check a number of packages (mostly darkstat and lightsquid) to see if they've started correctly. I have been thinking of perhaps using pfsense professionally (and thereby also being able to contribute financially to the project which would be nice) but in order to do so I really have to be able to get on top of these problems I have reported lately.

    Are the problems I'm seeing now (see other thread on FreeSWITCH not starting after upgrade) in any way related to my site, HW whatever - I really need to know (and/but don't think so). Everything else runs smoothly and the box seem 100% - still I now have not 1 but 2 packages that somehow refuses to start after upgrade.

    I even removed Imspector and did a clean install from package menu but that install doesn't start either.

    I'm soon running scared of updating my packages, which is not a good thing and now I suddenly lost two of the functionalities that I had working and wanted to have running. So.. help or pointers needed…



    I then tried to upgrade stunnel.
    The process went without errors and stated that it was started - but it was not.
    I tried to start it through Status|Services and the page says it has been started but it isn't, still shows up red etc.
    In this case I was able to get stunnel to start by simply pressing 'save' one the only service that was setup - without doing any editing though.

    Why this made it start I donno, it feels like some config file is being rewritten somewhere and this is done incorrectly sometimes.

    Perhaps you guys who knows more about writing packages should be able to make something out of my hints, yeah?

    I was starting to think the service status page was broken somehow, but I seem to be able to handle (stop, start) other services there so that is surely not the case.

    I still cannot get either FreeSWITCH or IMspector to start.

  • One thing that I do not like so far is the trouble percentage when adding/installing/reinstalling packages

    I will try to give you a reason(and the related one

    Handling package versions + system time


    If I remember the history correctly. One of the reasons for pfSense was to make a more flexible system and by that giving people way to run things they like.
    Scott & Chris makes & support a platform that in most cases would suite the needs for a company firewall. 
    Many of the things in the package tree would normally demand a 2nd pc in a company environment.
    There is no guarantee that a package will play along with others.
    One package might only work with perl 8.5.1 and another needs 8.5.2
    NTOP Is a questionable package, because of the quality of NTOP itself. 
    A package not marked stable may easily change.
    A maintainer of a package may have left and nobody wants to continue the work.

    I hope this clarify a thing or two.

    AFAIK the FreeSWITCH is still a work in progress (A big project) and Imspector will get some love this week.
    There have been some talk on how to improve the package system.
    /status.php shows your current time and in the Fit123 package have the option to add it to the front page.

  • Thanks for your comments.

    Yes, I think I understand pretty well. And I think it's a good approach to make sure the core OS and FW features are stable.
    Then it's only natural to want to have one or a few of the very interesting packages that are available :)

    I see several people having asked about reverting installed versions of packages, I think such a guide or pointers to such info should be provided somewhere.

    For me, right now, I rather revert to the previous IMspector versions that worked until I see others having success running the newest one, before I install it. Right now I do not have the knowledge how to do so, I have to do some research it seems.

    Also, if I hear others having success running a version of a package I for some reason cannot (any longer) start, I would like to have some way of checking why that is, and therefore I perhaps need to know a little more about the configuration and installation of packages. I guess there's a 'developers guide' or something somewhere?


  • I don't have any good answers for you on package rollback right now.  There are numerous improvements that the package system needs, this is one of them.


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