Basic Setup of Network + Firewall + Vlans + guiaccess on 1 NIC

  • Sorry If this is the wrong place to ask this. I have 2 Dual Intel 1000 NICs [ 4 ] & 2 separate 1000gbps nics total 6 NICs.
    1.] I read the book, and looked for examples and could not
    get each Interface to NOT access other subnets.
    2.] I also have em3 set to GUIadmin - no dhcp server.
    3.] WAN, pfBlock, LAN2= thats for my dads it works
    internet is working lot faster than what it use to be 90Mbps is now 310Mbps.
    4.] I have 4 VLAN switches enabled but VLANs is least of my worries.
    5.] I would like to make sure that network can't
    access or ping anything on the other networks
    the most important one is the GUI this one is driving me crazy.
    no matter what I can ping it from all the other networks, I created Aliases exactly like book showed, I created a Cert that works with the green lock.
    5.] The only thing that I can think of is NAT... I did not want to mess this up. I have a Cable modem using
    but still giving the pfsense WAN its true public IP.

    What I can do is draw up a network layout and perhaps this would be lot easier to visualize and see how this looks like so far. I would like to take all these boxes to the basement. I have 8 PCs in my room. Oh and IOT as I understand this is like an
    interface for all junk, guests, complete separate from the other networks. Once more the whole firewall rule set must be missing something to allow for other networks to ping, and see each other. a side note each NIC goes to a different Switch with a different IP in that segment. Perhaps its Netgear

    I'm very sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.