Send the data frames of wireless pressure sensor to different PCs for monitoring

  • Hi, I am using Raspberry Pi with which I have connected the gateway receiver which receives the data of wireless sensor network using industrial wireless sensors like Temperature sensor, Pressure sensor to monitor the industrial pipelines as well as the environment of pipeline areas within the industry.
    I want to use Ethernet to Ethernet communication between raspberry pi and the single office PC, but How can I use SG3100 to connect and send the sensor data securely to more than one PC at the same time with good speed.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    huh? How do you think a router is going to send data to more than one IP?

    You can not port forward to more than 1 IP behind your router, etc.

    Why do you not draw up how all of this is connected together, and what your wanting to do exactly and we can work out best solution to your problem..

    But if your wan IP is say (public) and your remote devices send data to where X is the port.. You can forward port X to say behind pfsense, but you can not send it to both .100 and .101