gateway monitoring issue

  • Hi
    I configured pfsense 2.4.4-RELEASE-p1 for dual wan scenario,

    i have two dsl modems and dsl gateway ip set for pfsense monitor ip for each pfsense gateway.

    but when there is a download going on one gateway ,that gateway goes down because of network latency!
    if i set the monitor ip to dsl modem itself, monitoring service cannot detect internet connectivity, and if i set monitoring ip to dsl gateway or some public dns or ip then it goes down because of latnecy,

    is there a fix to this or better solution to monitor internet connectivity?

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    With very high bufferbloat you will have other problems then only gw monitoring issue as well.
    You can try the CoDel Scheduler, @jimp did a very short but good topic for CoDel, check it out here:
    You can jump right in at 6:15 min.


  • I use two OpenDNS IP addresses as gateway monitoring. Originally I tried the Modem IP and Google DNS but in both cases the monitoring was not great. With opendns it seems to work much better.

    OpenDNS server addresses, and for GW 1 & 2 respectively.

  • this is not fixed my problem , pfsense multi-wan not working well , switching between wan connections and lots of latency and packet loss are more when in single wan mode , when using each wan in a single wan mode there are much less latency and packet loss and down time.
    i tried a lots of configurations with no success and everybody has complaints about internet down time after multi wan enabled.