2 sat modems on 2 wan, reach admin page

  • Good morning and happy new year to everyone
    I would need help setting up a 2 wan pfsense via satellite modems.
    In particular, these modems act as bridges to the public IPs issued by the sat provider, but as soon as they turn on they need to be configured and both have the webpage on ip, which is not editable.
    I would therefore like to be able to call both modems from the lan on the 2 wan with an ip alias, or an alias dns, for example modem1.local-> modem on wan 1 with ip, modem2.local-> modem on wan 2 with ip, or something like>>
    Modems must always be accessible in order to monitor the status of the sat connection
    Thanks a lot in advance for the help

  • Hello there! Sorry but your issue is not clearly described. But anyway from what I've understood you are trying to access modems via a DNS record? is it what you are trying to do?

  • Hello, sorry for my late response.
    I'm tryng both DNS or IP access to the 2 modems, with same ip address but different wan interfaces.


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