Want to Set up A new VLAN where None Exist...questions

  • Hi all. Sorry for the noobish questions but looking for some advice here.

    My current setup is as follows:

    ONT (Google Fiber wall outlet) -> PFSENSE (on laptop) -> TP-Link Archer C7 AC1750 (OpenWRT) as AP

    I do not have any VLANs currently set up; but, since we're introducing some smart devices into our home, I'd like to have those devices set up so they cannot communicate with devices on my home network but can access the internet. I'm thinking a VLAN will give me what I need: I can set up a new SSID on my router and set it up with a VLAN 50 and set up PFSENSE accordingly. Then, I would point the smart devices to the new SSID so they are separated from my home devices.

    Quick question: will I need to set up a VLAN for my existing connection? From what I read, it doesn't look like it but would like to know if I'm wrong.

    Any other suggestions/comments would be greatly appreciated.


  • Kinda depends on how smart your AP is. If it is capable enough to have one SSID tagged on the wired side and another untagged, then you are good to go. I.E. "original SSID" would stay untagged (no VLAN field inserted), and the "new SSID" would be set to get tagged w/ VLAN 50.

    PFSENSE will handle things just fine from there.

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