Query Forwarding in bind9 is not working

  • Re: Do the bind9 webconfigurator screens generate zones files?

    I came across this issue after I lost my both pfsense primary and secondary and restored them from backup. I have bind9 with master/slave configuration. After restoring both servers I realized my Master bind was not resolving external names (www.google.com etc), but the Slave was working fine. There was not a problem resolving local names (myname.local) on either server. I googled around and I found few people having the same issue, but not a real solution. After digging for a couple of days I found the problem. named.root file was empty in my Master server. I copied that file from my Slave and it fixed the problem. The location of the file is here:

    I have not idea how it happened, but it got to be something to do with the restore that I did