Printer connected to the server

  • I have been trying to connect my printer to connect to the server for the internet connection for which I had to put my [Epson printer troubleshooting] as many other errors were occurring and it was not ever working properly. What shall I do to connect it to the server and use the internet connection?

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    The description of your problem does not make any sense to me.
    Why do your printer need Internet access anyway?


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    Yeah not sure why a printer would need internet access..

    But if the printer is using dhcp for its IP, it would get its gateway just like any other client and have internet access just like any other client.

    If your setting up its IP on it static, then it needs to point to gateway and more than likely would need dns as well setup.

    What your printer does via some printer server has ZERO to do with it having internet access. Is this printer connected to your server via say USB? Then it wouldn't even have an IP the server would.

    What exactly on your printer is not working?
    Moving this to general - since it has zero to do with pfsense installation and Upgrades.

  • To get the data over the network, the printer needs to get connected to the server.

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    You mean support wants to look at the printer remotely? That is a freaking HORRIBLE HORRIBLE idea!!!

    If they need to check out say the interface of the machine, then have them teamviewer your machine or something and you look at the printers interface or your machines issue to why its not printing.

    But again the printer is going to be no different than any PC connecting to devices outside its own local segment. It needs a gateway to know how to get off its local network. Which it would get via dhcp, unless you set the printer with local static IP and did not set it up correctly. If your other dhcp devices can get to the internet, then the printer should be able to.. Unless your using say a captive portal or proxy that it would need to auth too, etc.

    If you want to let some remote internet create a unsolicited connection, then you would need to do a port forward to your printer IP on pfsense for the port they need to use.

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