Traffic Shaping + Fq_codel issue

  • Hello!

    Currently, I have limiters setup in the following way:

    Firewall > Traffic Shaper > Limiters

    Bandwidth: 5Mbit
    Mask: Destination
    Rest everything default
    Bandwidth: 5Mbit
    Mask: Source
    Rest everything default

    Firewall > Rules > LAN

    In Pipe: Uplink
    Out Pipe: Downlink

    What this does is restrict every LAN user to a dedicated 5Mbit connection. My question is, how can I use fq_codel in my scenario since I still want to give every user a dedicated 5Mbit link. AFAIK and have tested that when you create a limiter with AQM + fq_codel(Scheduler) and a child under it using Codel (AQM) and then that child is used as an in/out pipe in the firewall rule.

    So, that means all the users are sharing the bandwidth defined in the parent limiter e.g Downlink is the parent and has 5Mbit limit, DownlinkQ is the child and utilizes/shares the total bandwidth (5Mbit) from the parent for LAN clients.

    Would really appreciate any feedback here.

    Thank you!

  • anyone?