When OpenVPN is up WAN Outbound stops

  • My network has a few subnets broken onto different interfaces via VLANs. I am looking to make one of these subnets go outbound exclusively via the OpenVPN connection and have no access to the WAN. Conversely the rest of the subnets should only use the WAN for Outbound and have no access to the OpenVPN connection.

    The issue is that something I've done has caused my WAN-bound networks to get cut of from the WAN when when the OpenVPN interface comes up. If any connections are open (like an active ping) it will stay up, but can't be made again once closed.

    That said when this happens, the OpenVPN subnet works as expected when the OpenVPN service is online. It can get out and with the expected public IP when it does.

    Been working on this all day and I feel like I'm right at the edge of getting this working. If anyone can let me know what I might have done wrong please let me know.

    Attached is my current Outbound NAT rule list... I know it's a mess sorry I've been trying anything I can at this point.

    PIAVPN: OpenVPN Interface
    PIALAN: OpenVPN Subnet
    SERVERS, PERSONAL: WAN-bound networks

    Thanks all for the help in advance.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You probably want to check the Don't Pull Routes checkbox in the VPN client and policy route traffic from to the VPN.

  • @derelict Oh man... I knew it was something simple. I had done this once before and completely forgot about that "Don't Pull Routes" option. Thank you so much!

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