• After an Power outage, the pfsense Firewall doesn't obtain a new WAN IP from the Provider. The Modem from the Provider is in Bridge mode. There is no DHCP in the local LAN. I have no idea, how to get the pfsense Firewall to renew the WAN IP. After I restart the pfsense, all is ok again.

    What can I do? This only happend with pfsense so far. Last Version. No Problems with this Provider in any other Location.

  • You are expecting the provider/modem to give you a DHCP address? Assuming that's the case, my thoughts would be:

    1. Validate w/ some other device (laptop) that it is able to aquire DHCP lease
    2. tcpdump the wan interface to validate DHCP reqquest is getting sent and/or responded to: tcpdump -i xxxx -vvv port 67 or port 68
    3. if no DHCP request is sent, then, re-configure interface.