PFSense Stuck in a boot loop out of the blue.

  • My PFsense machine is a WatchGaurd firewall reformatted to run on pfsense.
    I have had no issues for over 100 days using this as my firewall and vpn gateway (openVpn).

    Then it all just stops working, I lose internet, DNS has been an issue over the past few days then I cant login to the web interface, When I do get in its only for a few page requests, So I told it to reboot. Waited 10 minutes and nothing.
    I forced it off and back on, Connected my console cable to see the status of the boot and I get a bunch of Tracing command vnlru pid 23 tid 100115 td 0xfffff8000e205000 logs coming back, Now I am not deep in the Linux lower parts nor deep in the programming of PFsense so I am entirely sure what is causing the issue and what is the best solution to this issue.

    I have a feeling the solution is reinstall pfsense... I do have a backup of the config from 10/2 but if possible I'd like to pull off the latest config, if that is if it needs to be reinstalled.

    Here is the Boot up log. (It may be either 1 and a half boot log, Its the scroll back log in Putty)


  • Looks like a corrupt filesystem:

    WARNING: / was not properly dismounted

    Maybe caused by a power outage.

    Try to repair the FS.
    To do so, boot into the Single user mode and enter

    sbin/fsck -y -t ufs

    at the prompt.

  • Thanks @viragomann for the answer, When I ran the function it did fix something in the records in the fs but it did not fix the boot issue, after using Dr. Google and some keywords in the search I came across this.

    Same process as you but they used the following command
    /sbin/fsck -y /
    This seemed to have fixed the issue and got all of the machines online.

    Thanks for your help, It definitely helped me.