dhcp samba 4 ad dynamic dns update kerberos

  • hi guys,
    we are using pfsense long time good work.

    actually, we want to use the pfsense dhcpd, update samba 4 dns.
    so the hostnames should be configured in ad.

    there are a lot of help with isc dhcp and kerberos, but i did not find anything about dhcpd.

    so please, can anybody help?


  • or another question, can i edit dhcpd.conf manually?
    will the gui overwrite my changes?


  • Generally speaking, if you have a Windows Active Directory domain, you should let the AD controller(s) handle your DNS and DHCP duty. Point any FreeBSD/Linux hosts at the AD DNS server(s) for name resolution. The DHCP server in Windows will register hostnames in AD DNS for you.

    I don't think mixing Active Directory, Samba and ISC dhcpd will work all that well for you.