Pfsense box losing WAN connections when running torrent on LAN [solved]

  • Hello!

    I've recently switched to pfSense. However, I'm facing a serious issue: Whenever I start running a torrent on one of the computers in the LAN, the WAN connection will eventually fail dropping WAN speed to zero and after a bit, coming back again.

    The issue can be seen with following configurations:
    Cisco LRE Box (WAN) <=> pfSense box <-> GigE Switch (D-Link DGS-1008D) <-> PCs on the LAN
    Cisco LRE Box (WAN) <=> pfSense box <-> PC on LAN

    The issue does not exist if the pfsense box is dropped 'from the loop'
    Cisco LRE Box (WAN) <=> PC 'on LAN'

    On the pfSense box itself, nothing really can be seen 'going haywire': state table is hovering at about 1000 and cpu-usage 0-20%, memory is about 10%. I'm a total newbie on all this stuff and don't really know where to start looking for this issue so any help is extremely appreciated :)

    ISP lets me connect to Internet by DHCP or PPPoE and the issue persists on both methods when the pfSense box is there.

  • Alright, I managed to solve the issue. My WAN was on the motherboard's builtin card (broadcomm something) and LAN was on a 3Com PCI card (marvell's chipset iirc). Anyway, I tried something random and swapped the interfaces so that WAN was on the 3Com and LAN was on the builtin and I'm no longer experiencing connectivity issues.

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