• Hello.

    i want to implement two pfsense in HA (exactly as in the topology attached) and connect them to LAN network with two NEXUS switch that in redundancy ( VPC and not STACK).
    now, if i use two 3850 cisco with stack (redundancy ) i just connect each cable from each pfsense to each port of the 3850 stack members (pfsense1 goes to 3850-stack_member1 and pfsense 2 goes to 3850-stack_member2) and spanning tree will take care the loop. but how will it work with nexus? can i connect each pfsense device/apliance to each nexus (Orphan port)? no loop issue with this topology?
    Second option : configure in the nexus two ports as member (VPC Member) and connect each of the port to each of the pfsense.
    please advice if it possible/

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    Spanning tree is not required to deal with loops in the 3850 stack configuration so not sure what the rest of your question is about. There is no layer 2 loop in an HA configuration.

  • Hello.
    thanks for your answer.
    i'm dealing with two 9300 nexus switches which are not connected VIA stack, but VPC (peer-link).
    so the same questions remain - which mechanism deals with loops? vpc or spanning tree.
    remember that the case is pfsense HA are not connected as member ports but , orphan

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    Still not sure what you are asking.

    There are no loops in an HA setup.

    Seems like more of a question for Cisco.