Carp not working correctly on internal firewalls

  • Hi,

    I have 2 external Pfsense firewalls all working well and using CARP, however when i set up two more pfsense boxs inside the network when i add one CARP address, the system still works but when i add two CARP address's, it causes the network to slow and not work correctly.

    The set up is as follows:

    External CARP
                           WAN IP xx.xx.xx.xx                                 WAN IP xx.xx.xx.xx
                           LAN IP                                  LAN IP
                                                           Internal CARP

    Web Server1      /      Web Server2

                             WAN IP                             WAN IP
                              LAN IP                                LAN IP

    Internal Network

    So as soon as i set up both CARP devices on the second set of firewalls this is when the problems start. I can nowever set up the one CARP address eg. and this seems to work fine, its only when the second is added i get issues.


  • Figured out where i was going wrong on this - on the first set of firewalls i was using VHID 1 /2 and the same for the second internal firewalls, silly mistake - after setting the internal to VHID 3 /4 it is all working correctly. ;D

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