VPN goes down when interface is not up. Can I set an interface to always up?

  • Hello

    I have a site-site network setup with 2 pfsense on pcengine apu

    The VPN connects local LAN (VPN-Client) to remote LAN (VPN-Server). (local net) ---> (remote net)

    I also configured the firewall so that I can access from the webgui/ssh for admin purposes.

    I have noticed that, when I unplug the cable from LAN interface on the remote box, I can not ping anything through the VPN at all anymore from the local side, not even the interface at 192.1685.1 itself. When I put the cable from LAN into a switch, pinging works again even if the switch is sitting in a complete different subnet. As long as the cable is plugged in somewhere, even on a complete unconfigured port, I can ping the interface IP.

    Normally that wouldn't be a problem since normally you have a Switch or something on the LAN-side but I actually planned to have on the VPN server only one machine which is a NAS without a switch in between. Now when the NAS should go down, I have a problem since I can not access the pfsense on via VIA.

    Is there a way to set the interface to always up no matter if there's a cable plugged in or not so that it keeps reviving packets through VPN?

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    You should be able to access the remote side GUI always via the VPN tunnel network IP.


  • Can the tunnel network IP work as like a gateway?

    Because I have another problem, that I can't reach the site-site vpn from another vpn.