Pfsense can see Nic ports but only one gets lights/connectivity

  • I think this is a dell problem. I have a Dell Optiplex 7020 with a single onboard NIC. I added a 4 port intel nic card. Pfsense can see them all. I can only get connectivity/lights to a single NIC port at a time. I can get it on the onboard but not the Intel Nic. I disable the onboard and I can again get WAN on a single nic port but none of the other ones seem to work. I can reboot and choose a different WAN nic port but then the others ones won't work. Its as though only a single nic port can be used even though pfsense can see them all. Any thoughts?

  • Interrupts?

  • @chpalmer said in Pfsense can see Nic ports but only one gets lights/connectivity:


    I am not sure what that means? Sorry

  • Netgate Administrator

    He's suggesting you're exhausting the available interrupts so only one NIC can work. However if that was happening I'd expect to see errors in the system log. Do you? Or errors in the boot log?

    Do you see all 5 NICs detected and attached in the boot log?

    Are you able to assign all 5 NICs in pfSense but just not get link on them?


  • @stephenw10 Thank you for replying. As with moth things, 10 reboots and plugging and unplugging it decided to work lol. So its running and I successfully have internet everywhere in the house both wired and wireless behind the cable modem into Pfsense into the wireless router and into a small switch...I'm exhausted. Now I need to figure out the easy part and how to use it. Thank you again.