Can't boot into console or WebGUI, edit /boot/loader.conf.local?

  • Hi, it appears my Atom based PFSENSE box cannot boot into WebGUI or Console

    I've a similar problem to this thread

    I'm aware I need to edit /boot/loader.conf.local and add the line

    My problem is, I don't have WebGUI or Console, so I'm connected directly to the box, where I have the initial Welcome To PFSENSE screen, with a menu that lets me Escape to loader prompt, Configure Boot Options, etc...

    Can some kind soul advise how I can edit the loader.conf.local from here, or some other method? The pfsense box is just a home build, and connected to my LAN

  • OK, here's I fixed it.

    From loader prompt, I used the command(s)

    set kern.vty=sc

    note, using the set command is a temporary solution, read on...
    this got me to the pfsense console

    from there I accessed the shell and used the built in editor, vi, to edit the file located at /boot/loader.conf.local and added the line

    set kern.vty=sc

    which ensures this command is executed at each boot
    saved my changes, rebooted