Two instances of squid package in Status-Services under 1.2.3 snapshot of 3/7

  • I added the squid package through the packages menu, and somehow I seem to have ended up with two instances showing up in the Status: Services view.  This shouldn't happen, right?

    According to the view from the shell command line, after I sshed in, there is only one instance of squid actually running.

  • Same here after upgrading squid

  • What, if uninstall squid?
    And from console type pkg_info ?

  • I remember when this came up before it could usually be resolved by some uninstall/reboot/uninstall again?/reboot/install/reboot shenanigans.

  • Checking back in to report…  I fixed it myself within a day or so.

    From the command line (via console or ssh) it was possible to see that there was really only one instance of Squid, it was just showing up twice in the interface, so that indicated a problem with the GUI interface to the package.

    What resolved it for me was removing the Squid XML sub-package, and reinstalling it, then rebooting.  (I believe that was the sequence.)  I did not need to reinstall Squid itself.

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