need help in outbound traffic through vips from lan

  • dear respectable ,
    please i need help .
    i am using pfsense behind mu isp router , i have 1 single static ip/32
    i want to go with it from the lan under pfsense

    can any one help to do this ?1_1547493754471_2.JPG 0_1547493754470_1.JPG

  • So you have already added your static IP to your WAN interface?
    If you haven't go to Firewall > virtual IPs and add it as type "IP Alias".

    Then go to Firewall > NAT > Outbound
    Switch to manual mode.

    Edit the rules for your LAN network, go to translation address and select the virtual IP from the dropdown.

  • @viragomann alreday did the same , still not working , also i restarted all hosts and pfsense , issue is still


  • So what's your problem? You only asked for a how-to, but didn't mention an issue.

    To investigate if these settings are working, use the packet capture tool in pfSense.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Never set Outbound NAT from source any.

    Set it to the inside networks that actually need NAT to happen.

    I would suggest you start by enabling automatic mode and trying again unless you can state why you need manual outbound NAT.