• Hello fellow pfSense admins,

    My question has to do with broadcast storm traffic filtering to an extent - if it can be monitored or regulated through our Netgate SG-8860.

    My CEO recently sent me an email about what he perceived as high broadcast traffic. He does a lot of online web conferencing so even though I asked him to provide specifics he only responded by asking me to tell him what I know about high broadcast traffic.

    I know I can configure it within our Juniper GBE trunked switches but before I modify the bandwidth value or bandwidth level percentage on each one I wanted to know if within the firewall there is a setting I can refer to for working with this potential network behavior. Or is something like this completely contained within the LAN/VLAN network switches and not in the WAN firewall?

    Thank you in advance for any insight on this matter.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    You would control broadcast traffic on your switching infrastructure... Your router firewall has zero to do with control of such traffic.. Its not going to route it anyway, but all that broadcast stuff goes to all the other clients on the same L2..

  • Got it, thanks.