Virtual IP to Outgoing Address

  • Client Lan:
    Server Lan:
    pfSense Server:
    WAN1 Lan:
    WAN2 Lan:

    I want to redirect some traffic to Outgoing Address: to port 443
    Its possible to use an virtual ip address ( inside pfSense to redirect that traffic : <-> <->
    or i need to use the pfSense ip? <-> <->

  • It's possible to use virtual IPs for forwarding, but it's not possible to assign to the client LAN, since that IP is out of the server LANs network.
    However, you don't need to assign a virtual IP for what you intent if pfSense is the default gateway in the client LAN.

    If so, just add a NAT port forwarding rule to the client LAN for
    and it will do the job.