Limit bandwidth AND prioritize traffic

  • Hi everyone, I'm trying to improve our traffic shaping and am unsure how to both guarantee bandwidth for certain vlans, but also prioritize types of traffic.

    Right now, we're just prioritizing traffic (P2P, web, gaming), using the Wizard-defined queues and rules. But, in addition to this traffic prioritizing, we also need to guarantee a total amount of bandwidth to a certain vlan.

    We are a small school and we have a 10 mb up+down fiber connection.

    We have two VLANs, one for staff, one for students. At certain times of the day, usage on the student vlan will max out our bandwidth, causing delays for staff. I need to guarantee minimum bandwidth for the staff vlan.

    The staff network needs to be guaranteed 3mb minimum but can increase to use whatever bandwidth is needed.
    The student network can have everything else (can use whole 10mb if not used by staff).

    Other queues neede (these would apply to both vlans).
    High priority for VOIP, DNS, ACK
    Regular priority for everything else
    Garbage Queue for P2P

    How do I structure my queues to accomplish this? Any ideas would be helpful.


  • Heh in 2.0 you can do that easily!

    In 1.2 the only thing you can do is duplicate your current queues and use one set of queues for you staff vlan and the others for the other vlan. Add to the staff vlan the minimum bandwidth you need as an realtime m2 parameter for all the related queues and you it should give the behaviour you need.

  • Thanks, I was hoping there was an easier way to do it.

    Anxiously awaiting the stable 2.0…  :)

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