Using an Sg-3100 to balance MultiWan not DualWan using vLans

  • I am setting up a new micro-ISP for a small village, there are about 50 households here and will be sharing between 6 and 10 internet connections between them, speed between 10 and 30 Mbps Each. I have a used Cisco Catalyst 2960G-24TC that i plan on using as a central switch, and the client side will be over Ubiquity AirMax routers. I was wondering if the SG-3100 would be able to balance all of those connections as well as handling traffic shaping for fair distribution of bandwidth for the different clients based on their Ubiquity router IP?
    1: Can I set up each of the 6+ connections in a vLan and use those to load-balance since the box itself only has a few ports?
    2: What about the resource overhead will the 2 gigs of RAM and only 2 cores be able to handle that?
    3: What about traffic shaping? How will that affect the box's resource ?
    4: Lastly could I use link aggregation to the Cisco to speed up the bandwidth to and from the switch to minimize bottlenecks there?
    I will probably have more questions once these are answered, thanks.

    • K.Witt

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    SG-3100 seems a little on the low-end side for an ISP.

    SG-5100 is probably closer.

    If it was me I'd probably be looking more at an HA pair of XG-1537s with 4-port expansion cards.

    Load balancing should work fairly well for them. I'd turn on sticky connections but I would still expect the occasional problem.

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