Re: defenitely not working …

  • First, sorry doing again this topic but I made a mistake of clicking "Solved" before I sent a reply:

    The way Sullrich  said to coorect the problem in solved the problem I had with voip.
    It works now !!! :-)

    But I find some things to let you know in case of a bug:

    • In the wizard I selected the "Low Delay" option but it did not configured the queues or rules with this option (low-delay) active.

    • If i configure the low delay in queues, it works. But in the voip rules, if activated, voip traffic shapping doesn't work anymore or show bars in the "Queue Status".

    • Don't know what happened but while I was deleting and creating again rules, the "Queue Status" shows 4 voip bars. I don't know why :-/

    These weren't reported by tickets in CVSTrac.
    I don't have the knoledege to help on this but tell something if there are some way to test patch's or something.


  • Low delay and the alias do not work together.  If you use an alias for the traffic shaper then it doesn't enable low delay.

  • I must do the ticket for the other 2 ?


  • No.  The system is working as designed.  We do not support editing of queues, we only support the default generated traffic shaper configuration.

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