Odd traffic graph

  • Hello,

    I'm seeing something odd with the igb drivers in the traffic graph. In the attached image you can see the throughput briefly drop to zero on both NICs (both cards are the i350 and use the igb driver). If I use one igb and one em, the em card stays stable and the igb card shows these drops. Any pointers on trouble shooting this? I have camera traffic coming in and out at all times, so traffic should never dip to zero and doesn't with the em driver cards. Thanks!

    ASrock Z270 ITX
    8GB RAM
    i210 x1
    i219 x1
    i350 x2


  • Netgate Administrator

    You see anything logged at those times?

    It's most likely an anomaly in the data rather than a an actual problem though.

    It could also be the graphing code which does do weird things when given unexpected values.


  • Other than the graph, everything looks good.

    I am inclined to agree it is the graphing code. The graph on the top of the attached image is the dashboard graph and the bottom graph is from the actual traffic graph page. They were running at the exact same time and show the dip in one but not the other. The reverse will happen as well.


  • Netgate Administrator

    That is certainly odd, I've not seen that here on anything. However it looks like just cosmetic issue.

    You could open a bug report for it. We'd need to replicate it though and it doesn't look like you're doing anything unique which might make that difficult.


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