Issues with virtual IP routing :-/

  • So having issues connecting one of my public virtual IPs that I have assigned to me. Pfsense is 1:1 NATing them to my internal servers.

    All the severs on the physical lan (192.168.3.x) and (192.168.10.x) are fine all those work perfectly. However when I connect a remote site/server to the VPN/pfsense box and then route one of my virtual public IPs via 1:1 NAT like all the others are to the local IP assigned to the remote site (192.168.7.x) and then try to get to the server at the remote site via its public virtual ip assigned by my ISP I cant get to it, any ideas where im going wrong?

  • Ohh looks like I resolved the issue by forcing all traffic through gateway :-)

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