Having difficulties with Squid and SquidGuard

  • Hi all,

    Have been trying to install these two packages and am having trouble configuring them.

    No matter what options I seem to pick with respect to the interfaces I should be installing Squid/Squidguard too - I seem to lock myself out of the admin UI as soon as I enable them!

    Below is my interfaces - What should I be selecting in the admin UI? I was assuming that squid would be installed onto all interfaces including "loopbacl" but excluding WAN. I was doing the confguration from a workstation - so was coming in on vmx1.

    The only way I was able to restore access andd may my pfSense router work again (without S/SG) was to SSH to the server and remove squid* using pkg.


  • Hi,

    Just a wild guess : try setting up from LAN (it still has the default rules ? ).

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