Router and bridges

  • I am trying to set up a network connection but i am unsure weather to use a router or a bridge? what exactly is a bridge? and what are the advantages of each of it for network connections? Please help.

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    Simplified speaking, Bridge = Layer 2, Router = Layer 3
    Explain what you want to do on detail, maybe we can help then.


  • i just wanted to use shared internet access on But i wanted to know if bridges could prove to be more helpful than routers?

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    With multiple networks separated in Layer 3 / Router mode you have fine-grained control how the traffic can flow.


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    A bridge is nothing more than a switch... If you need more ports on a L2, use a switch..

    How about some details of what your trying to do exactly. What is this device/thing/whatever your trying to connect to a network? And what are the details of the network you want to connect to.

    Is wireless involved? I can tell you most of the time - bridging would not be the right solution ;) Unless you are talking about bridging a wireless to wired??

    Nobody can help you make a decision or even explain why you would want to do XYZ vs ABC without some details!

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