multiple WAN, failover groups, reset states on failback

  • My setup, v2.4.3 two gateways:

    WAN1 -> 200mb symmetrical business grade line.
    WAN2 -> 80Mb consumer grade FTTC

    Two gateway groups (member down trigger):

    SERVER_GROUP has WAN1 as tier1 and WAN2 as tier2
    WIFI_GROUP has WAN2 as tier1 and WAN1 as tier2

    Default gateway switching is disabled. Rules have either SERVER_GROUP or WIFI_GROUP according to which (happens to be vlans) is needed. I.E. traffic can egress on either gateway group depending on the rule (the preference of WAN) used but will failover to avoid total loss. WIFI traffic basically leaves via the cheaper lower capacity connection.

    My issue is states not returning to original WAN on failback. If WAN2 fails, the failover group correctly works. When WAN2 is back up, the failover group recovers but the states never seem to use WAN2 for the WIFI_GROUP enabled rules. If I manually reset the states or save a config etc the process works fine.

    I have found other people with similar issues and have seen various scripts ( for example.

    However, the above script is not suitable for me as I wish to use BOTH of my connections simultaneously depending on the gateway group and do not want to continuously cron a reset states on WAN2 being active. Is there a way I can script state reset on gateway failback - ideally only resetting states that were part of the WIFI_GROUP rule?

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